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Since 1898

"Sanayei Trading" has been one of the most respected and forward-looking centers in trading fabrics from all around the world to Iran since 1898.

Our major goal is make the shopping experience more joyful for our customers. That's why we have been always seeking for the best and the newest fashion and designs from all over the world.

we are proud to announce some of our new services, including: cut-length-order and made-to-measure.

After trading fabrics for more than a century, now we are proud to announce some of our new services, including: cut-length-order and made-to-measure.

In order to satisfy all of our customers' desires, we also offer a big collection of shirts and other accessories such as ties, shoes and belts which all people with all tastes can find what their needs fit into.


Sanayei Trading

  • 1898

    Our Humble Beginnings

    The cloth trade with England goes back to the early 1900's when "Mirza Alikhaan Moein-Sanayeh (Sanayei)" in Isfahan, first made a brilliant change in common way of fabric business by importing fabrics from England.

  • 1930

    Family Business Founded

    As his sons joined him, Soon the company expanded its shops in Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz.

  • 1972

    An Agency is Born

    "Khosrow Sanayei" launched the biggest fabric shop of Iran located in Vozara Street in 1972.

  • 1990

    Import The Best

    Due to the ongoing search for the newest and the best fabrics, they started working with the best fabric factories of Italy and England.

  • July 2002

    Cut Length Order

    A close collaboration with artistic tailors and introducing “Cut Length Order” added a valuable service to the company.

  • 2007

    Big Brands Coming

    For the first time in 2007, “sanayei trading” started supplying MTM services along the support of Dormeuil, Sant andrea and Zegna.

  • 2011

    Zegna March

    To step forward in accomplishing the trade, Sanayei Trading expanded its business with “Zadi” company and a year later, readymade cloth was added to its supplies by Ermenegildo Zegna.

  • 2014

    Transition to Full Service

    Today the third generation of the Sanayei family; Afshin, took over the business and trade with more than 20 best-known factories of all around the world. In 2006 he signed contracts with one of the most luxurious brands of the world, Ermegildo Zegna, therefore he started to import factory-produced suits made by Zegna for sale in Iran.

  • 2015

    Phase Two Expansion

    Afshin sanayei as the third generation of this business, recovered the recession by innovation in offering stylish fabrics of best qualities.

  • 2016

    Transition to Full Service

    Sanayei Trading under the management of “Afshin” along its professional team is offering the most innovative methods in fabric market by adding a new brand, a new dressmaking, a new branch and a new representative in other cities of Iran in every 3 to 4 month. We are getting close to celebrate the 120th years of Sanayei Trading and still big surprises are to come.

  • 2017


    Start introducing the best collection of women's fabrics

  • 2018

    NOW All over the country

    Extensive sending of samples of women's and men's fabrics to cities throughout Iran and contacting various designers and tailors. Now more than 14 cities represent our fabrics.

  • 2019

    Year of attendance

    Appreciation of more than one hundred years of continuity in introducing the best fabrics in the world to Iranian buyers and maintaining superior quality and innovation in service and communication with customers

  • 2020

    New Networks

    Creating new networks with business experiences in various jobs during the corona virus

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